Dubai Frame

Biggest Picture Frame On The Planet

Dubai, a global megacity is known for its elaborate & extravagant projects and attractions! A new addition to Dubai’s already impressive skyline is the Dubai Frame, the “Biggest Picture Frame on the Planet”. The Zabeel Park based Dubai Frame opened in January 2018 & is deemed as a mammoth achievement of engineering.

Design Of This Prestigious Landmark

This iconic landmark stands 150- meters high & 105 meters wide. It is constructed out of glass, steel aluminum & reinforced concrete. The placement of this wonder is on the boundary of old and modern Dubai marking it as a stupendous wonder that stands tall as a beacon of old and new parts of the city.

Reasons That Make This Structure Spectacular Include:

  1. A sweeping panoramic view: With the height of 150 m, the eminent structure provides visitors a 360-degree view of every aspect of the city. From the sparkling waters of Dubai Gulf to high rises of Dubai Marina & vast dunes of Dubai deserts, relish the entirety of Dubai from the 360 degree vantage point of The Dubai frame. It offers the visitors a chance to see the past, glorious present and ambitious future of Dubai.
  2. Glass floor walkway: It features 25 square meter glass floored walkway right at the centre of the bridge. The 93 m long glass bride connects the two parallel vertical towers to create the picture frame shape. Stepping on the crystal clear glass gives an exhilarating feel of walking out in the air. The high quality materials used to construct the crystal clear glass makes it safe to walk on the glass walkway.
  3. Spectacular Audio and Visual experience: It own immersive gallery on the mezzanine level amazes gusts with awe-inspiring audio & visual presentations. The curated scents and mists for an authentic retelling of the city’s origins is an amazing way to mesmerize the visitors with virtual reality display of Dubai’s continued evolution predictions of the city’s future growth.

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Things To Know Before Getting To Dubai Frame:

It is the biggest picture frame on the Earth.

Over 2000 tons of steel & 2,900 sqm of laminated glass was employed to construct the Dubai Frame.

The Entire project of Frame costed nearly 160 Million Dhs.

You can gaze out for a breath-taking panoramic view of the Dubai city from a height of 150 meters.

It provide 360° view ranging from sparking azure waters of Arabian Gulf to vast golden stretches of the Arabian desert, the Old Town of Deira to the high rises of Dubai Marina.

It features an ultra-modern clear glass 93-meter bridge. You can step onto this completely crack-proof glass & take an exhilarating walk in to thin air, with a drop of 150-meter beneath your feet.

It provides two distinct perspectives of the city. While you can catch sight of Old Dubai & Dubai Creek on the north, you can immerse in the splendor of New Dubai, gleaming skyscrapers & marinas & other triumphs of engineering.

What’s Inside The Dubai Frame?

It consists of Dubai Past gallery, Dubai Future Gallery, Sky Deck, Social Media Wall & a Souvenir Shop.

How to Get to Dubai Frame

It is situated in Zabeel Park Jogging Track, Gate 4 at Dubai. You can get to Dubai Frame via car or Metro.

By Metro- The nearest metro station to Dubai Frame is Al Jafiliya Metro Station. You can take Red line metro to Al Jafiliya & walk towards the Gate 4, the Star Gate of Zabeel Park.

By Car- In case you are traveling to Dubai Frame via car, you can reach to the public parking area near Zabeel Park, outside Gate 1. From here you can take a short-walk to Star Gate or Gate 4 to get to the Dubai Frame.

Best Time To Visit Dubai Frame

For an enthralling Dubai Frame experience, the ideal time to visit is around sunset. The golden thread of sun-rays falling on the glass-frame & intricate designs will offer a treat to your eyes. Catch sheer phenomenal view of Dubai’s urban landscape from the Dubai Frame. Just check the sun-set timings for the day that you intend to visit the Dubai Frame & book the tickets.

Please note that sun-sets are considered as prime-time for visiting Dubai Frame. Therefore, it is advised to get your tickets booked online in advance & ensure that you are among the 200 people going up to the Dubai Frame during sun-set hours.

In case you want to adore a starlight view, plan your visitation at night & catch Dubai in its sparkling glory.

Address: Al Kifaf, Zabeel Park Gate #4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours: Everyday from 9 AM to 9PM

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