Burj Al Arab

The Grand Ostentatious Hotel

Dubai never ceases to surprise the world with its extravagant and ostentatious hotels. Burj Al Arab, is an addition to the Dubai’s skyline and is recognized as the third tallest hotel in the world. The iconic sail- shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab opened its doors for visitors in December 1999. This stupendous marvel stands tall as a beacon of modern Dubai.

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Location & Construction of This Iconic Hotel

Burj Al Arab is located on a triangular man-made island of Dubai, 280 meters from Jumeirah Beach, connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. Designed by multidisciplinary consultancy Atkins, this luxurious hotel rises 321 meters above the sea and has 56 floors offering panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf.

The construction of this wonder of Dubai was strenuous and required a lot of human efforts and other resources. Reclaiming the land from the sea to build the artificial island where the giant building stands alone was a herculean task. Burj Al Arab was built in a period of around 3 years. Its construction required gazillions of resources, like 70,000 meter cube of concrete and 9,000 tons of steel

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Fascinating Opulent Features of Burj-Al-Arab:

Repeatedly elected as one of the world’s most sumptuous hotels, this stunning destination offers the finest service and experiences throughout. The non- exhaustive list of superlatives of Burj Al Arab include:

Private isolated beach access

A breathtaking terrace with pools and cabanas

Gold interiors

Lush suites

Indulgent personal services

Unique culinary experience at its exceptional dining venues, including the highly acclaimed Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara

An Underwater Aquarium Restaurant accessible through a simulated submarine voyage

A fleet of Rolls-Royces on the forecourt

A helipad near the roof at a height of 210 m above ground.

These luxuries provide guests a stupendous opportunity to create memories that they can cherish for a life time.

These luxuries provide guests a stupendous opportunity to create memories that they can cherish for a life time.

How To Get To Burj-Al-Arab?

1). By Metro – Taxi: Use Dubai Metro Services to get to the Mall of the Emirates. Get off at the Metro Station & take a taxi to Burj Al Arab hotel. Traveling by taxi is the quickest way to get to Burj-Al-Arab. It takes around 3 minutes to get to the hotel from the Mall of the Emirates.

2). By Bus- Take a Line 81 Bus from the Mall of Emirates to get to Burj-Al-Arab. The travel duration to the hotel by bus will be nearly 21 minutes.

Alternatively, you can board a direct bus from the Mall of Emirates to Burj Al Arab. The bus drops the tourists at Wild Wadi Station & the journey takes nearly 7 minutes.

Address: 3, Jumeirah Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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