DUBAI: Covid-19 Travel Advisory

We are here to remind and update everyone about the Covid-19 policies and services available. There are the number of adjustments made recently to the travel regulations with the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Here mentioned all the updated travel restrictions of each nation that you are required to know if you are traveling to Dubai in the upcoming weeks. All the visitors of UAE are strongly advised to follow and proceed with Covid-19 entrance requirements.

Travelers entering the UAE do not require a COVID-19 PCR test in case if they had done all the vaccination or comes under following mentioned cases:

  • They are processing with a Covid-19 recovery certificate with a QR code issued within 30 days of the departure.
  • They arrive Dubai and Abu Dhabi under the age of 12 or 16 respectively.
  • They are even if partially handicapped.

Passenger departing back to Dubai from UK must provide negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test done not more than 48 hours before the departure. No testing from home test kits are acceptable the UAE authorities only accepts Covid-19 RT-PCR test, also all test certificates must be included. If there are any such symptoms then you would be required to isolate yourself at least for 10 days at government building, or at hospital or any private organized accommodation.


Some basic travel awareness are needed to be followed if you are looking to travel from Dubai to UK. All the essentials medications should be done before flying. There should be the proper health checkup and all the issues should be resolved if there any. Also be aware that you must require to follow the guidelines of each nation; which means the nation of departure, the nation of transit, and the nation of the final destination.

Relating to health and medical advice it will be better if you contact the doctor if any specific or personal health issue. Here are some ideas relating how to plan your health and medic schedule before flying:

  • It will be better if you consult your doctor 4 to 6 weeks before your trip, you might be needing booster even if you had done your vaccination.
  • Proceed with travel insurance which should be covering all kind of trip that you are doing especially if it’s the adventure trip.
  • Pack wisely as there is restriction of 32 kg on the individual article.
  • Take enough rest before your trip, drink plenty of water and choose comfortable clothing while traveling.


  • If you have any chronic medical issue like diabetes, asthma or heart disease then consult your doctor 6 weeks before flying and follow his guidelines.
  • Better to request the letter from the doctor stating any medical issue if you have and its cures.
  • Carry enough medicine for your trip, and most importantly don’t forget to bring cold bag or vacuum flask if you are required to keep your medicine at cool and dry place.
  • Make sure you maintain your immunization records also have your immunization card with you.


Take certain medical problems and lifestyle decisions in concern before booking any vacation. It is advised that pregnant women, those travelling with young children, and people travelling with any pre-existing medical illness should first speak to their doctor in case of possible medical hazards and its precautions. It is required to follow all these rules and the guidelines before flying from Dubai to UK or anywhere.


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