How to Travel Dubai on a Budget with a Dubai visa UK?


The ultramodern Dubai is home to some of the most lavish tourist offerings on the Planet. But did you know that you can Travel Dubai on a Budget? Surprised? Why wouldn’t you be? Read on to know about a multitude of options that will ensure you to enjoy Dubai even on a small budget.

A few tips to visit Dubai on a budget include planning & booking air travel tickets in advance, choosing affordable activities & savoring delicious dishes in economical restaurants. But that’s not all! Tourists can shop from local markets for souvenirs, opting for free entertainment from upcoming artists & using travel options that are light on the wallet. So, grab a Visa to Dubai & travel Dubai on a budget with your friends or family.

A few pointers before exploring travel in Dubai on a budget:

  • Health care in Dubai is private – Tourists must ensure to get a good travel insurance which covers most of the medical emergencies.
  • Look out for best deals in Dubai– There are many wonderful websites provide great deals beneficial for backpackers and budget travelers.
  • Choose the most budget tours– Visitors can explore a wide range of budget trip to Dubai& make memories for life.
  • Check out websites for affordable events – Many websites display free events & activities for budget-conscious holidaymakers.

Wonderful options for backpacking in Dubai on a budget:


Wondering on how to save money in Dubai as a tourist? This list of free things to do in Dubai will help you enjoy Dubai on a shoestring budget:

Creek Crossing on a boat – Travel Dubai on a Budget:

You can enjoy a wonderful ride in the abra (traditional water taxi) by paying just one Dirham. These old wooden boats have a wooden fishtail are used to cross the Dubai Creek from Bur Dubai to Deira.

Go Camel Racing – One of the best things to do in Dubai on a budget:

Experience authentic Emirati culture in Camel racing. Travellers can enjoy the fascinating camel race on Fridays from 6 AM to 8 PM. Head over to the Dubai Camel Racing Club to enjoy an exhilarating Camel Race with loved ones.

Deira Gold Souq – Save money in Dubai with Cheapest Gold-Jewelry:

Gold-lover? Enjoy wearing gold-jewelry? Then Deira Gold Souq is the place to be! This iconic location sells some of the cheapest Gold-Jewellery on the planet. Apart from gold, you can also stroll along the alleys & take wonderful pictures. Take a picture with the biggest ring in the world displayed in one of the Deira Gold Souq stores.

travel dubai on a budget

Street Wrestling – Enjoy Dubai on a budget:

During the weekends, many workers & wrestling enthusiasts throng the streets of Dubai to relish Street Wrestling. If you want to enjoy original Dubai, do it by heading over to witness the wonderful atmosphere of wrestling which is away from all the glitz & pretentious Dubai.

Useful tips to visit the city of Dubai on a budget:

Here are a few handy tips to Travel Dubai on a Budget & create memories for life:

Whole Dubai travel should be budget-conscious:

This is the first & foremost point for holidaymakers who want to travel to Dubai cheap. A Budget Dubai travel will mostly include:

  1. Booking Inexpensive air tickets Make sure that you plan your itinerary well in advance which will enable you to book tickets early. Booking tickets 3 to 6 months before travel will ensure that you get cheap plane tickets.
  2. Choose budget friendly dishes & Restaurants – Dubai’s restaurants dish out various types of cuisine such as European, Italian, Japanese, American & more. However, different areas of Dubai restaurants have different price ranges. Research a little bit & save money while visiting Dubai on a budget
  3. Opting for budget friendly accommodations – By choosing affordable accommodations, visitors can Travel Dubai on a Budget & spend on other meaningful activities.
  4. Smart Travel options – Opt for Dubai Metro to travel in the city. Get an RTA or NOL card for hassle-free travel from one place to another in Dubai. This is the best budget option for budget travelers.

A Few Attractions for Tourists going to Dubai on a budget:

Here are a few tourist attractions to Travel Dubai on a Budget:

  1. Free Entertainment – Search for cultural & artists events of Dubai which are led by budding artists. Most of these events are free.
  2. Sandy Beaches – The global city Dubai boasts 40 km of beaches. Tourists & sybarites can relax & have a great time while visiting Dubai on a shoestring budget.sandy-beaches-dubai
  3. For Culture buffs – History & culture buffs can head over to Dubai Museum & Al Fahidi Fort to know about the rich legacy of Dubai.
  4. Go Budget Shopping – This is for those who want to Travel Dubai on a Budget. There are many deals offered by Dubai Mall or Deira city center. The local markets boast of affordable souvenirs & other items for shopaholics.

These helpful tips will surely answer your query on how to explore Dubai cheap?Apart from these, there are many other fantastic options that will help tourists Travel Dubai on a Budget. So, get a Dubai visa UK & discover the best things to do in Dubai on a budget with friends or family for an unforgettable Dubai experience.