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Do’s & Don’ts About Dubai for Visitors

Do's and don'ts about dubai

Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in fact being the most developed city in Emirates; it serves a diverse population of tourists and local residents. Being an Islamic country it doesn’t tends to impose rules in an orthodox manner however, if you are planning a holiday in Dubai with your family & friends,  you should be accustomed to certain do’s & don’ts about Dubai. 

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Things you can and cannot do in Dubai

As we all recognize, visiting any place in the world requires a certain zeal and respect for the traditional teachings and values. Dubai, an Islamic country, has some traditions that may seem orthodox to visitors for it isn’t necessary that these rules exist in the tourists’ place of origin. So, here is a categorization of rules and traditions ( Do’s & Don’ts about Dubai ) that are to be followed mandatorily by residents & visitors. Contradictions to above-mentioned suggestion might get you penalized heavily.


While your visit to Dubai, you are recommended to wear clothes that exhibit decency.

Do’s & Don’ts About Dubai For Males (residents and visitors)-

  • It is advised to wear t-shirts in public but not at the traditional places and old parts of Dubai.
  • Male visitors & residents can wear full sleeved loose fitting clothes that cover major parts of the body such as arms, legs and shoulders while visiting mosques and other places that are significantly religious.
  • Consider wearing t-shirt and shorts to few designated places only, especially on beaches.
  • Males are recommended to limit the use of swimwear to private pools and beaches.

Do’s & Don’ts About Dubai For Females (residents and visitors)-

  • Female visitors & residents are advised not to wear clothes that are too revealing and don’t exhibit decency.
  • It is recommended to carry scarves or stalls with them while they visit mosques.
  • Wearing swimwear is confined to  Dubai beaches and private pool sites only and the rest of the body should be covered decently.


Expressing emotions may be a necessity for many but according to the state laws expressing emotions in public is regarded as indecent. Offenders of this law might end up getting in to the jail. Tourists cannot hug or kiss in public.

Expressing anger with the use of foul language, pointing fingers and disrespecting religious values or leaders is formidably punishable and might get you caught up in the legal proceedings.

Possession of Illegal items

Possession of any kind of drug or formidable recreational substance is an offence in Dubai. The UAE government takes the possession of narcotics very seriously and one might end up sentenced for life imprisonment.

Drinking is prohibited in public and is restricted to only few designated pubs, bars etc. wherein tourists can consume them but in an appropriate manner. Drunk driving is an offence and one can either be fined heavily or end up in prison. Trolleyed tourists spreading indecency in public might face extreme charges.

Public Behavior in Dubai

Exhibiting rusty behavior, disrespecting citizens of Dubai or their values in any manner and addressing strangers with indecent and salacious gestures especially women is offensive. The convicted tourists are punished or fined heavily.

Clicking pictures of any of the citizens in public especially women without their consent is considered as act of obscenity and sexual harassment. Unless you want to end up in jail, you will not get involved in such interactions.

Do’s and Don’ts About Dubai Concerning Relations

There are some eccentric rules that have religious values and might be a common affair in your country. But in Dubai concubinage, cohabitation and establishing physical relations before marriage/without marriage are considered against religion. Practice and promotion of homosexuality by any means is considered obscene and anti-social. Lesbian and gay couples must not exhibit any homosexual characteristics in public otherwise will be punished.

Note: Only married couples can book private rooms


  •  Dancing is not allowed in public except for designated and high profile discs and lounges.
  • Creating noise in public is considered offensive, excessive honking on roads may get you a ticket.
  • Any sort of fund-raisers are allowed only by the permission of the state UAE authorities.
  • Working in Dubai without a proper work visa might land you in jail.
  • While writing a cheque for business purpose one should prevent it from bouncing in order to avoid legal actions against you.
  • The aforesaid rules when not followed are then to be considered as criminal offense.

Since you are now familiar with do’s & don’ts in Dubai, gear up yourself to cherish an enthralling vacationing with family in Dubai.

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