Dubai Shopping festival 2019 | All that you need to know


Hailed as the “Beguiling Shopping Destination”, the ultra-modern desert city Dubai is on the move to organize the 25th Annual Edition of the renowned DSF – Dubai Shopping Festival 2019.  It will be held across Dubai from 26th December 2019 to 1 February 2020. This colossal annual extravaganza is an event of international flavors. Substantial Flash Sales, vibrant Street entertainment & jaw-dropping discounts are ready to enthrall innumerable connoisseur & shopaholics from around the world.

Dubai shopping festival 2019 is not just confined to tons of shopping options & incredible discount deals!  Cool carousing, striking dining & exciting exhibitions will add to the glory of this enthralling shopping festival.

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What is Dubai Shopping Festival?

Dubai Shopping Festival refers to a mega discount season that features endless celebrations, crazy discounts, innovation programs & invigorating activities across Dubai City.

This extraordinary retail event was first introduced in Dubai on 16th February 1996 as an ordinary trade event by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Moktoum, the Ruler of Dubai & the UAE’s Prime Minister.

Soon after its launch, DSF received magnanimous response from people around the world. It was later promoted to allure connoisseur & shopaholics from all around the world.

DSF is now lauded for enticing over 3 Million holiday-makers, adrenaline junkies & shopaholics every year. The festival is organized by Dubai Festivals Retail Sector Promotion Establishment (DFRE) & Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).


During this enthralling event, Dubai Shopping Malls & all the other shopping destinations come to life with crazy deals & overwhelming discounts on almost every item under the sky.

Dubai Shopping Festival is now all set to celebrate its silver jubilee Edition by offering the visitors an ocean to choices to buy from an exclusive range of authentic jewelry, leather bags, branded clothes, cosmetics, perfumes & watches.

Let us find out what all Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 – 20 has in store for you-

Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 Offers-

1). Main Dubai Shopping Festival Locations: While alluring events and festivities will be held across Dubai City during DSF 2019 – 20, do not forget to visit the most remarkable & exclusive attractions of the shopping festival. The top-notch impressive DSF locations include Global Village, iconic Layali Dubai Concert, Al Seef Street, Al Rigga Street and city’s traditional bazaars such as Gold Souk, Textile Souk & Spice Souk.

2). Garb Jaw-Dropping Discounts: Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 is going to be an absolute treat to the bargain hunters & bon vivers. They will be able to purchase their desired commodities at super slashed rates. Visitors will be able to get a discount of around 30% to 70% or even more on electronic gadgets, statement jewelry & first-class perfumes from globally renowned brands such as Armani, Chanel, Gucci, Valentino & more!

3). Special Sales & Unique Shopping Experiences: While the shopping festival progresses & gets on the full swing across the city, look for special sales offer to cherish crazy price drops in the already-offered DSF discounts. These enthralling sales can offer as much as 90% discounts on your desired brands & products & usually announced just 24 hours prior the sale. The key Special Sales destinations include DSF Carnival and Market OTB (Outside the Box).

4).Catch the Spectacular Fire-works: Magnificent fire-work displays are an indispensible part of the celebrations in Dubai & Dubai Shopping Festival. The ethereal display of fire-works adds magic to the wintry nights in Dubai all through the DSF. Visitors can get to watch the dazzling spectacle in utmost splendor across Dubai!

Head to the prime locations of Dubai such as Dubai Creek Park, Global Village, Al Seef, The Beach (JBR) & adore the sky being lit up in vibrant colors – scarlet, azure & viridescent.

Other prominent attractions of DSF 2019 – 2020 include Raffle Draws, Global Village, Lavish Culinary Delights, Street Plays, Events in malls, Workshops & Exhibitions & Film Festivals.

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Dubai International Jewellery Show 2020: Lavish Exhibition Of Masterpieces

Dubai International Jewellery Show 2019

Dubai, the name itself is enough to create magnificent and astounding images of impossible human creations, full of luxury and lavishness, that too at a place which was once inhabitable for humans. The engineering marvel pioneered with scientific research has turned this place into man-made heaven on the sand. Every year, people from all the nook and corner of this planet uses their Dubai Visa to witness the magnanimous creations of the human brain and labor, and relish in its beautiful ambiance.

The astounding beauty and the liberal attitude towards the tourists from all across the globe have helped it garner a reputation of most favored destinations for many global festivals of distinct nature. All year long, international festivals of the diverse fields – Art, Film, Literature, Jewellery, and many more, do happen and now it’s time for the Dubai International Jewellery Show 2020. The show is scheduled for November 2020 and is going to be hosted at the renowned Dubai World Trade Centre (Dubai Exhibition Center).

The signature designers from all across the Globe have been lined up to showcase their respective magnum opus from the grand stage of the VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show 2020. Sounds Extraordinary! right? If you want to be a part of this extravaganza show, then fly using Dubai Visa and be part of this amazing Dubai Jewellery Show 2020.

Dubai International Jewellery Show

It’s a well-known fact that the super-rich status of Dubai has made it one of the biggest jewelry markets of this planet. The Dubai International Jewellery Show, for the past 20 years has appended its glory, attracting fashion fiesta and art lovers from all across the world to Dubai. This year, the show hosts are expecting more than 20, 000 people at the event to witness about 80 different products in designer and precious stones categories. The products listed for the showcase are suitable for every occasion and in all budgets.

So folks, especially beautiful girls and ladies out there, waiting and coveting to buy something distinct to add in personal prized possession, it’s your golden opportunity. Plan the trip and apply for Online Dubai Visa to explore and immerse in the man-made heaven of the earth.