New Rules in Dubai That Residents & Tourists Should Be Aware of

While Dubai has intriguingly emerged as a hub of travel enthusiasts from around the globe, it is also renowned for introducing certain rules & regulations every year.

The trend continues & the government of Dubai has rolled out a set of new rules for Dubai concerning expats, natives & tourists.

Whether you are visiting Dubai on Dubai tourist visa, Dubai Holiday Visa or Dubai Visit Visa for holidaying or planning to relocate to Dubai as an expatriate, it is important to be aware of the rules & regulations prevalent in this desert city to avoid any potential trouble.

Therefore, we have brought you the summary of 7 new rules that have been introduced in Dubai recently.

1). The Phone Contracts: Earlier, a hefty fee was required to get a mobile connection disabled in the United Arab Emirates. The network providers were allowed to charge a monthly fee multiplied by the number of remaining months of contract.

However, that rule is set to change in 2019 according to the amendment brought in by the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).
According to the amendment announced by TRA on 20th March 2019, mobile users in UAE will be required to pay only one month fee to disable their mobile phone contract. As per the latest update by TRA, the amendment has been applied to the new mobile contracts, while the existing contracts will be introduced to this revision soon.

2). UAE’s Permanent Residency Scheme: UAE’s new permanent residency rule was introduced last year in the month of May to the wealthy individuals, exceptional talents & investors such as doctors, engineers, scientists, students & artists.

According to a tweet by UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed in March 2019, the UAE Cabinet had begun reviewing the applications for the long-term visas. The scheme turned out to be game-changer for Dubai’s real estate industry. According to the sources, around 6800 individuals have been issued permanent UAE residency & a “Gold Card” in the first round of applications only.

3). Obtaining a liquor License in Dubai: The process of purchasing a liquor license in Dubai has been significantly relaxed for the residents in 2019.
Earlier, a UAE Resident was required to present a NOC Letter from employer, father/husband, tenancy agreement & salary certificate displaying monthly earning of over Dhs 30,000.

However, as per the revision in this law, the residents of UAE will be required to submit copies of Emirates ID, passport, visa & a passport-size photograph. Along with these documents, the residents are required fill an online application at MMI or African + Eastern official site & make a payment of Dhs270.

The resident should be above 21 years of age & a non-Muslim. In case the application is approved, it can be collected from the selected MMI or African & Eastern store.

4). Alcohol Laws for Tourists: People traveling to Dubai on a Dubai Tourist Visa or Dubai Holiday Visa are now eligible to obtain free liquor license using which they can purchase alcohol during their stay in Dubai.

For obtaining the license, the tourists are required to visit MMI or African & Eastern Store with their original passport. They are required to fill a short form & sign an official declaration stating,

  • They are not the resident of UAE &
  • They will abide by the UAE’s rules & regulation regarding alcohol purchase & consumption.

A copy of passport & the entry stamp will be submitted at the store & a guideline concerning alcohol consumption will be issued to the customer.
The liquor license is valid for a period of 30 days & eligible for renewal, in case the tourist extends the stay. The process of obtaining license is free & applies to non-Muslim visitors to the UAE who are above 21 years of age.

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5). Car Renewal Regulations: The rules concerning the fine repayment in line with the road safety initiative have been relaxed by the Dubai Police. Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has been asked by Dubai Police to allow the drivers of exemplary standard to renew their car without clearing their fines.
Dubai Police Chief & Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri said that the drivers will be able to get their vehicle’s residents renewed, regardless of the accumulated fine amount.

6). Rules Concerning Blocking the Emergency vehicles: According to this rule, every motorist that does not make a way for the emergency vehicles will be liable for a fine of Dhs 3,000, six black points & 30-days car impoundment.

This rule has been enforced from 1st July 2019. The UAE’s Ministry of Interior has also rolled out a guideline concerning when & how the vehicles should clear the roads to make a way for the emergency vehicles.

Earlier, the defaulters were subjected to a fine of Dhs. 1000 & six black points only. The rule has been revised as some of the motorists do not give way to emergency vehicles, civil defense vehicles, ambulances & official cars.

7). Metro Cabins: Pink Metro Cabins reserved for women & children on Dubai Metro have been relocated in order to give enhanced comfort & privacy to the passengers.

The UAE’s Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has decided to move the pink cabins at the one end of the Metro train. New Pink Cabins have already been relocated to the end of the train, opposite to the gold class.

Male passengers found standing/sitting in the Pink Metro cabins will be liable for a fine of Dhs100.

Realizing the popularity of Dubai Metro amongst the tourists, especially during the summer holidays, RTA has decided to make this amendment.
Have you finished going through the updated rules in Dubai? If yes, then you are ready to plan your vacationing in Dubai with friends.

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Abide by the rules for a convenient stay in Dubai. Happy Holidaying!

Dubai Visa Guide – Visa Types, Documents & Application Procedure

Planning a trip to Dubai & wondering how to apply for Dubai Visa? Kick-back & hang loose! We are here at your rescue. The carefully curated Dubai Visa Application Guide will help you apply Dubai Visa Online from the comfort of your home. Not only this, the guide also contains –

  • Types of Dubai Visa
  • Visa Documentation
  • Visa Fees
  • Visa Processing time
  • Visa Application Procedure

Reasons of Visa rejection & how to avoid it

Dubai – the Intriguing Tourist Destination

Dubai is a fascinating holidaying destination. It is home to some of the most amazing structures on the planet. The lavish hotels, ultra-modern architecture, vibrant night-life, astounding water & theme parks, unique landscapes attract millions of tourists every year.

Leisure, fun & entertainment activities offered by this avant-garde desert city help holiday-makers escape their insipid work-life.
In addition to that, Dubai’s traditional Emirati food segment can leave anyone mouth-watering. Dubai’s culinary hybrid is an incredible combination of Iranian, Lebanese & Arabic food. It doesn’t matter if you are a foodie or not! You just cannot brush off the luscious Emirati cuisine.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Dubai?

Tremendous increase in the number of tourists to Dubai led UAE Government establish certain migratory rules & regulations. A person looking forward to travel to Dubai is required to meet the criteria set forth.

Travelers planning to visit Dubai for leisure or business purposes are required to acquire Dubai Tourist Visa or Dubai Business Visa before their travel to Dubai, unless

They belong to one of the Visa-Exempt countries
They belong to a country whose nationals are eligible for “Visa on Arrival”

Types of Dubai Visa:

You may apply for Dubai Visa Online depending on the purpose of your travel & intended duration of stay. Here are the 4 major types of Dubai Visa based on their validity & entry types:

1). 14-Days Single Entry Visa: 14 Days Dubai Visa refers to a single-entry short stay e-visa. It is sent to the applicant via e-mail once it is approved by the Embassy.

The holder of this Visa is allowed to stay in Dubai only for 14 days. The Visa Permit can be utilized by the holder in 2 months from the date of issuance.

2). 30 Days Single Entry Visa: 30 Days Dubai Visa refers to a single entry short-stay e-visa that is sent to the applicant via e-mail upon approval from the Embassy.

The holder of this Visa can stay in Dubai for a maximum of 30 days & the Visa Permit is to be utilized in next 2 months from the date of issuance.
By any means, the Visa holder’s stay in Dubai should not exceed by 30 days.

3). 90 Days Single Entry Visa: This Visa refers to a long stay Visa Permit that enables the holder to reside in Dubai for up to 90 days. It is an e-visa, which is sent to the applicant via e-mail when permit is approved by the consulate.

The 90 Days Single Entry Visa is best suited for the travelers planning to stay with their dear ones in Dubai.

4). 90 Days Visit Visa: This is a convertible visa & suitable for travelers looking forward to change their Dubai Visit Visa to an employment Visa. Since, it is an e-visa, it is sent to the applicant post approval from the Embassy via e-mail.

Dubai Visa Documents:

All the prospective applicants looking forward to apply for Dubai Visa from UK are required to submit below mentioned documents to ensure smooth Visa Processing by the Embassy:

1). Dubai Visa Application Form: The applicant is required to duly fill the Online Dubai Visa Application form & provide all the mandate details prior submission.

2). A Valid Passport: The applicant of a Dubai Visa Online must possess a valid passport issued in less than 10 years from the date of application. The passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the intended date of travel to Dubai. Please note that the passport should have at least 2 blank pages.

3). Passport size Photograph: The applicant should provide colored passport-size photograph along with the Application form. The photograph should be clear, well-focused & display all the facial features of the applicant clearly.

4). UK Residence Permit: The applicant is required to provide copy of UK Residence Permit valid for a minimum of 6 months from the intended date of travel.

5). Colored Passport Copies- The applicant is required to submit colored copies of the bio-page, photo page & page containing passport expiry & other important details.

Dubai Visa Fees:

Single Entry Visa Service Days Fees Handling Charges Total Fees
Transit /Tourist Visa- 14 Days 3-4 Working Days £100 £20 £120
Tourist Visa- 30 Days 3-4 Working Days £129 £20 £149
Tourist Visa- 90 Days 3-4 Working Days £279 £20 £299
6 Months Multiple Entry Dubai Visa 3-4 Working Days Contact Us For Details

Processing Time of Dubai Visa:

The UAE Embassy/Consulate in the United Kingdom reserves the right to approve/reject Dubai Visa Applications. The minimum Visa processing time suggested by the UAE Consulate is 3-4 working days. However, please note that Visa processing time may vary from case to case.
The processing time of an Express Visa to Dubai as intimated by the Embassy is 24-48 hours.

Steps to Apply for a Dubai Visa:

Filing a Dubai Visa Application is often considered as a challenging task, however, Dubai Visas lets you apply for Dubai Visa UK from the comfort of your home, hence, rendering the application procedure swift & convenient.

Follow these 3 simple steps to apply for Dubai Tourist Visa/Dubai Business Visa/Dubai Holiday Visa using our Dubai Visa services:

STEP A: Fill Online Dubai Visa Application form & attach scanned copies of required documents (passport & photograph).

STEP B: Make a payment of Dubai Visa Fees via our secured payment gateway.

STEP C: You will receive your Dubai Visa Permit on your registered e-mail address in JPG or PDF Format.

***The applicants that require Dubai Visa on an urgent basis can avail Express Dubai Visa Services by paying an additional fee. Express Visa to Dubai can be acquired in 24-48 hours.

How to Avoid Dubai Visa Rejection?

Obtaining Dubai Visa Permit from the Embassy is a seamless process; however it may get rejected due to various reasons.

Here is a list of some common reasons that may lead to rejection:

1). Improper Documentation: Visa Documentation plays a significant role in getting visa permit approved from the Embassy. Improper & inaccurate documents can often lead to visa application rejection by the Embassy.
In order to avoid Visa rejection-

• Ensure Visa Application form is duly filled.
• Ensure attaching all the mandate documents with the Visa Application
• Ensure the submitted documents meet requisite validity.

2). Typo Errors: The Visa Application may get rejected, in case, the application has typo errors in name, date of birth, passport number, profession code & other such important details. Ensure the details entered in the visa application form match the details mentioned in documents.

3). Blur Scanned Documents/Photograph: Blur scanned copies & photograph can often lead to Visa Application rejection.

The scanned copies of passport pages & photograph submitted along with the Visa Application should be clear & display applicant’s facial features, respectively.

4). Handwritten Passport: Handwritten passports & passports issued in more than 10 years from the Visa Application date may lead to Visa rejection.

Applicants must ensure that their passports hold requisite validity before applying for Dubai Visa Online.

Please note reasons for visa rejection are, however, not limited to these 4 points. Many times UAE Immigration Authorities do not provide reason for Visa rejection.

Therefore, for a smooth processing of Dubai Visa Application, applicants are advised to take utmost care while filling the form & submitting documents. Ensure going through eligibility criteria & Visa documentation before applying.

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Cherish the Euphoric vibes of Dubai with Dubai Visa Online

Dubai is a year-round groovy urban sprawl. It entices millions of travel enthusiasts & bon vivers from across the world every year. They arrive in this avant-garde desert city to quench their thirst for finest delicacies, adventure, uninterrupted fun & entertainment.

This enthralling desert city merits a visit once in a year as it promises a wonderful holidaying experience to its visitors.

In case this dazzling city has successfully made its way to your bucket-list, the first & foremost thing that you need to do is to apply for Dubai visa Online. Fill Dubai visa application form & pay Dubai visa fees.

Here is a list of few hand-picked ongoing & upcoming events in Dubai that you may cherish on your visit:

1). Dubai Summer Surprises (Ongoing till August 31 2019): Dubai Summer Festivals (DSS) is a stupendous summer shopping event in Dubai. It is an annual fiesta which is organized by Dubai Festival & Retail establishment (DFRE).

This 6-weeks long event is jam-packed with uninterrupted entertainment, shopping & fun. You can avail deals & discounts on electronic gadgets, leisure sportswear & renowned fashion brands at over 3000 shopping outlets across the city.

The top-notch hotels, resorts, spas, water parks & theme parks of Dubai offer discount packages while the DSS is going on.

Get ready to bag overwhelming bargains & indulge in the fun offered by DSS. Apply for Dubai tourist visa from UK today by contacting Dubai visa agent.

2). Dubai Sports World (Ongoing till 10th September 2019): The largest indoor sports event of Middle East, Dubai Sports World, is going on at Dubai World Trade Center since 19th June 2019.


This astounding event has brought outdoor activities in a 25,000 square meters area. A myriad of sporting events such as football, rugby, basketball, beach volleyball & tennis will be held in an air-conditioned space. Other adventure sports that have been added to Dubai Sports World this year includes Trapeze, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Rock & wall Climbing & Ninja Warrior Course Parkour.

3). Eid Al Adha (12-15 August 2019): Eid Al Adha, the festival of sacrifice, is one of the two major festivals in Islam. It is observed as “days of remembrance” of readiness to submit to Allah’s commands. Muslims sacrifice animals; divide it in three parts, keep one-third share, give third to relatives & friends & the remaining one –third is distributed among the poor & the needy. Customarily, Islamic devotees wear new clothes, prepare a variety of delicacies & distribute them among the friends & relatives while they exchange Eid greetings. Live entertainment & world-class firework displays can be cherished at the prime locations of Dubai.

This year, the UAE Cabinet has announced 4 days holidays for both private & public sectors in Dubai.

Catch the celebration of Eid-Al-Adha in all its glory in Dubai this year with a Dubai Visa Online. Apply now by filling Dubai Visa Application.

4). The 1975 at Coca-Cola Arena (14th August 2019): The renowned Indie-pop Band from Britain, the 1975, will make their first appearance at the Coca Cola Arena of Dubai for the first time. The band is globally acclaimed for their synthesizer-heavy tunes such as “Somebody Else” & “Robbers”.

The 1975 will showcase their dream-like, catchy & ethereal tunes in a wide-range of pop-subgenres, like electro, funk & elements of rock. Catch the band performing their hits -“Live it if we made it”, “It’s Not Living” & a lot more at the Coca Cola Arena, Dubai.

Contact Dubai Visa Agent to know about the Dubai tourist visa requirements & apply for Dubai Visa.

5). Westlife – Live in Dubai (29th August 2019): Westlife, one of the definitive pop-groups of the early 2000s, will be performing live in the newly inaugurated Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai this August.

The band consists of 4 Irish singers namely Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Markus Feehily and Shane Filan. The band has sold over 55 million records across the world so far & it is still the fastest selling tour in the band’s history.

Catch up this four-piece Irish band performing their all-time hits such as “My Love” & “Flying without Wings” & some new release like “Better Man” & “Hello My Love” live in the Coca-Cola Arena on 29th August 2019.

Looking forward for a memorable vacationing with family in Dubai? Then, what are you waiting for? Apply for Dubai Visa today to cherish the exuberance of Dubai with family & gather memories for life.