A Complete Guide to Celebrate Eid in Dubai with enthusiasm

The Holy month of Ramadan is about to conclude & the desert city Dubai is all set to celebrate Eid Al Fitr with great enthusiasm &splendor. The grandeur of Eid celebration in Dubai is lauded globally & devotees from across the globe visit Dubai every year. The family-friendly attractions, exhilarating theme-parks, avant-garde buildings, city-wide offers & festivities will add to the charm of celebrating Eid in Dubai.

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Here is what all you should know before joining the invigorating Eid Celebrations

What is Eid Al Fitr?

Eid Al Fitr translated to English as “the festival breaking the fast”, is an extremely important time according to the Islamic Calendar.

Celebrated by the Islamic devotees all over the world, Eid Al Fitr marks the end of the fast of Ramadan & beginning of the tenth month of Islamic Calendar, Shawwal.

When is Eid in Dubai?

The dates for Eid are determined by the new moon’s crescent, which also marks the starting of each lunar month in the Islamic Calendar. Therefore, the first day of the month of Shawwal, the tenth lunar month, is celebrated as Eid Al Fitr.

The Eid dates vary every year in the Gregorian calendar, as they completely rely on the lunar cycles.

How is Eid celebrated in Dubai?

The time of Eid in Dubai has a stark contrast if compared to the month of Ramadan. While the exhilarating hustle & bustle of this neoteric city comes to a halt during Ramadan, Eid is the time when the festivities &entertainment goes full swing across the city.

The iconic locations & malls of the city arrange magnificent shows, music concerts, culinary delights, entertainment activities and flash sales both for tourists & residents of the city.

Things to Do During Eid in Dubai

To ensure that you extract the best out of trip to Dubai this Eid, we have compiled a list of enthralling activities & festivities that you can indulge in.

1). Celebrate Eid with Authentic Culinary Delights– The celebrations of Eid Al Fitr in Dubai are incomplete without savoring the lavish food segment of this desert city. The food served at Iftar (an evening meal with which the fast is broken) includes Emirati traditional cuisines & dishes. The epicures will appreciate this time more than anyone else.

Sharing of food among friends &relatives is also the main part of Eid celebration in Dubai. According to the traditions, families gather together & share a grand celebratory feast. Ouzi, Chicken Machboos & Luqaimat rank amongst the signature dishes of Eid Al Fitr.

During Eid, myriad of Dubai’s restaurants set up an exclusive menu consisting of Authentic Eid-oriented specialties. Many families prefer to go out for a delectable meal.

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2). Indulge in family-friendly Activities-Eid is the time to immerse in the invigorating entertainment activities & Dubai never fails to surprise its visitors.

Dubai has a plethora of family attractions, theme parks and water parks that can keep the adults, teenagers & kids occupied for hours.

Some of the top crowd-pleasers include-

A). IMG Worlds of Adventure– Enjoy the thrills & spills in an air-conditioned comfort for a cherished family day out.

B). Revitalizing Water Parks–Splash, slide & soak in the exhilarating water rides by visiting top-notch Water Parks of Dubai. Head to Legoland Water Park, Wild Wadi or Burj Surj Waterslide.

C). Explore Real Rainforest Amidst Desert- Undertake an extraordinary visit to the Green Planet, a real rainforest, that is a home to over 3,000 varieties of flora & fauna.

D). Sharpen your Ski Skills at Ski Dubai– Beat the heat by escaping in to Ski Dubai, the first snow slope of the planet. Undertake snowboarding & tobogganing at 5 varying difficulty levels of snow runs.

The enticements of Dubai during Eid are, however, not limited to food & entertainment. You can partake in the buzz & excitement offered at the iconic spots such as music concerts & special performances by renowned celebrities.

You can also bag bargains from flash sales & discounts offered at malls, boutiques, departmental stores & big-name brands during Eid. Sometimes sales information are made public at the last-minute, therefore, keep yourself updated with the information of the malls on websites.

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New Heart Sculpture Unveiled in Dubai

new heart sculpture in Dubai

World class shopping, entertainment attractions, beautiful beaches and culturally rich heritage sites – Dubai is a “must-visit” vacation destination. Perfectly located on the Persian Gulf’s South-East coast, experience an everlasting and enthralling excursion to this dream land with your Dubai tourist visa.

The Desert City is the second largest of the seven Emirates of UAE. Constructing something bigger than ever before is the constant urge of Dubai. With the construction of ‘Burj Khalifa’, Burj Al Arab seemed microscopic. Dubai possesses a special property to magnetize tourists to the dreamy world of futuristic attractions, hypnotic luxuries and legendary nightlife. To experience Heaven on Earth, all you need is a Dubai visa.

Dubai has only two seasons throughout the year – hot and hotter. So, November – April is the best time for holidaying in Dubai when the sun is less bright. There is a big to-do list for to extract the best out of Dubai. Listing all the attractions is inconceivable in one article. The eye-catching attractions include Dubai Miracle Garden, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Palm Island that will leave you spellbound. One thing is for sure, if you want to probe into the mysterious artistry of the region, Dubai express visa services can make it happen.

The Brand-New Astounding Sculpture Adds Feather to Dubai’s Splendid Glory

The avant-garde desert city has unveiled another gigantic & stupendous Masterpiece Sculpture.

Heart Sculpture in Dubai

Richard Hudson – a master sculptor, is back to Dubai with something far-fetched. With love in the air, Mr. Hudson has given Dubai a new Heart – ‘Love ME’. The 3D mirrored steel heart sculpture is recreated which first appeared at Dubai Mall in February as a Valentine’s Themed Exhibition in 2018. This “Love ME” sculpture is rejuvenated on a much larger scale this time. The massive 7,000 kg ‘Love Me’ sculpture is 5 meters high with an equal width and 3.8 meters of depth is transported in pieces and assembled on site.

Richard Hudson described the sculpture as – “all-encompassing in its symbolism of love and peace – and an icon image that crosses all boundaries”. It is cautiously positioned in front of Burj Khalifa. The mirrored steel surface reflects the immortal beauty of the planet’s tallest skyscraper. The superstructure has got a perfect companion to embellish the beautiful LED lighting show, which comes to life every night during the holy month of Ramadan. ‘Love Me’ is a symbolic representation of inventiveness of Dubai.

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