Jameel Arts Centre – A Must-Visit Contemporary Art Space

Jameel Arts Centre

The Modern City Dubai is primarily known for its modern architecture, crowd attracting events, warm hospitality & fascinating tourist attractions. However, Dubai is slowly turning into an Art & Cultural hub with well-known places like Dubai Opera & Jameel Arts Centre.

While Dubai Opera primarily hosts theatre, opera & other performances, Jameel Arts Centre on the other hand is establishing itself as a hub for art connoisseurs. Read on to know why you should visit the iconic Jameel Arts Centre Dubai on your next trip to Dubai.

Origins of Jameel Arts Centre Dubai

Mr Abdul Latif Jameel & his family who have worked tirelessly for the community envisioned Jameel Arts Centre as a Community Jameel project.

Jameel Arts Centre

“Community Jameel Project” is a community program that is involved in Education, Healthcare, Social Development & is now venturing into the Art scenario.

Launched in 2018, the primary goal of the art centre is to support creative communities & artists of the local region. In addition to that, the project is also focusing on various heritage restoration programs.

It also collaborates with various institutional partners such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Delfina Foundation, The Victoria and Albert Museum & the Metropolitan Museum of Art to uplift & develop the cultural network in Dubai.

In addition to that, the renowned centre works with locals to develop innovative programs based on ancient & modern technology. It is also working towards encouraging the development of cultural networks and entrepreneurship among locals.

Main Attractions of Jameel Arts Centre

The renowned arts centre houses several projects that comprise beautiful and curated commissions from national to international collaborations as well as solo & group exhibitions.

The arts centre is regarded as an educational & creative hub of the ultramodern city which is primarily dedicated to the Arab world’s cultural & artistic movements. Therefore, it also acts as a research library for many people.

Apart from art you also get to explore the writer’s studio, a rooftop terrace, a restaurant, shop & a member’s lounge in the arts centre.

Events at the Jameel Arts Centre Dubai

Each event hosted at the world-renowned art centre is unique in its own aspect. 

During these events, visitors get to witness a wide range of traditional & contemporary art forms. These comprise music classes, painting, Islamic art, Photography exhibitions and amazing individual performances from various artists. Apart from this, another interesting event that showcases conservations from prominent members of civil society & artists also takes place at the arts centre.

Prizes for Designers & Contemporary Artists

The Art centre also features a Jameel Prize for all those artists that use modern art to explore traditional Islamic influences. Winners get a whopping 25,000 Euros. The nomination for the prize isn’t easy as industry specialists nominate artists across the world.

Essential Information of Jameel Arts Centre

  • Where is the Art Centre Located?

The iconic Jameel Arts Centre is located at Jaddaf Waterfront. Expect to encounter amazing views as you enter the arts centre with your loved ones.

  • What are the Jameel arts centre timings?

The arts center is usually closed on Tuesdays. On Friday’s the timings would be 10 am to 10 pm and from Saturday to Thursday the timings are 10 am to 8 pm.

  • Do I need to get Jameel arts centre tickets?

You don’t have to separately get tickets to enter the art centre. However, if any special events require getting a ticket then you need to check with the concerned authorities.

So, why hold yourself back when you can easily get a Dubai visa UK and visit these iconic tourist attractions with your loved ones. Witness a wide range of art collections from local & global artists who are striving to take the field of the art forward!